Fat Cat Suburbia: Part One

Hell[o], readers.

I’m a cat person. Need I say more?

I suppose you could call the following piece a revenge on behalf of those cats who are considered morbidly obese. Just like in humans, obesity can lead to a variety of health problems in cats: diabetes, arthritis, and a shortened lifespan. I can only imagine what carrying that weight feels like, but it must hurt.

So what would cats do if they got fed up with their fat?

Maybe something like this.


Photo by Ember + Ivory on Unsplash


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Poetry: “Gum Graft Surgeries”

An unlucky meshing of genetics and lifelong grinding led to undergoing two gum graft surgeries, one in 2011, the last in 2012. Basically, my gums were receding, and my teeth were less protected and weakened as a result. I needed more tissue to cover the receding sections and increase blood flow.

The surgeon took all that tissue from the roof of my mouth.

It was awful.

Photo by paul morris on Unsplash

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If I Cannot Write, I Will Draw

Years ago, while rifling through old National Geographic magazines, I came across a quote I later cut out and used in a collage: “…if I get scared, I cannot write, and if I write, I am not scared.”

That still resonates with me today, but another dimension is resurfacing for the first time since childhood — if I cannot write, I will draw.

She’ll go her own way, you can’t take the song out of her bones. // “Darkling Seer” by Alyssa Pearl Fusek (2017)

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