Revisiting Some Memorable First Lines

I think as writers, we all too often lose the threads to our stories and struggle to resume the braid of a plot, character development, dialogue, and so on. It seems that stepping back from our own writing is the only logical thing to do. Definitely the sanest. I have found it helpful to peruse books that inspire me to write in the first place. Most of the time, it’s the opening lines to a story that turn out to be great sources of rejuvenation.

Here are some first lines that always recapture me:

Photo by Radu Marcusu on Unsplash

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The Last Time I Went to the ER Was on a Tuesday, Too

Tuesday, June 5 was going to be my day. I was going to dedicate the majority of my time working on my freelance writing business: drafting cold emails, working on some pitches, and posting on my blog. I felt energized when I went to bed Monday night.

Instead, I spent Tuesday in the ER.

Photo by Marcelo Leal on Unsplash

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If I Cannot Write, I Will Draw

Years ago, while rifling through old National Geographic magazines, I came across a quote I later cut out and used in a collage: “…if I get scared, I cannot write, and if I write, I am not scared.”

That still resonates with me today, but another dimension is resurfacing for the first time since childhood — if I cannot write, I will draw.

She’ll go her own way, you can’t take the song out of her bones. // “Darkling Seer” by Alyssa Pearl Fusek (2017)

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Consider the Moth (Part One)

“There are moths outside, ready to die for a light they crave but which is denied to them, shielded from them […] Sometimes, in the midst of all I have been given, I watch the moths in us all. Everybody has a light which they think they cannot live without.” — Alma Alexander


I’ve never been a butterfly.

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