Please leave your shoes at the door and your realities outside.

Welcome to Cat and Moth Writings. This is a nonsensical blog where I rant, write things that could be called fiction or poetry, and occasionally foray into the Japanese language. The only numbers that matter here are the ones from Lost (for the layman, they are as follows: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42). Off-kilter humor is my forte. This blog is still a kitten, super cute and adorable, but not quite sure of its world. Expect hiccups along the way and half-eaten moths, for kittens are very curious creatures.

Making friends with the locals in Cinque Terre, Italy 2017

About Yours Truly (Biography Style)

Alyssa Pearl Fusek grew up in northern California with a menagerie of cats and daydreams. She graduated in 2015 from Willamette University with a B.A. in Japanese Studies. She lives and writes with her 19-year-old cat and an excess of imaginary moths.

Afflicted with the mad urge to contact me or ask me questions? Fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you when the moths give me the Wi-Fi password. (Should be any day now…)