Poetry: “Gum Graft Surgeries”

An unlucky meshing of genetics and lifelong grinding led to undergoing two gum graft surgeries, one in 2011, the last in 2012. Basically, my gums were receding, and my teeth were less protected and weakened as a result. I needed more tissue to cover the receding sections and increase blood flow.

The surgeon took all that tissue from the roof of my mouth.

It was awful.

Photo by paul morris on Unsplash

I had two of them.
I thought pain
knew moaning,
I thought
a haze of gold and primordial language
in hallucinations half-fledged;
they couldn’t put me all the way under.
I tried to calm organs
for soft-food incursions,
but hated it all hated it all,
lost too much I didn’t have enough of.
besieged tissues wept and blurred
my sleep my mind my bones
yet the rawness abides
I should not be able to touch it but oh
I do I do.

© Cat and Moth Writings
All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “Poetry: “Gum Graft Surgeries”

  1. Peg Landini

    I remember it well and felt for you! An FYI…..there is a lot of emotion tied up in the mouth so I am not surprised it is still palpable for you. You are a real trooper!!!


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