Poem: “Mayacamas Mountains”

While urban life is convenient, I prefer life in the mountains. Less absurdity there…so I believed.

Moon and dead trees and Mayacamas Mountains Credit: Alyssa Pearl Fusek

I sometimes wish I could pray
so I could blame a god for this horror.
All trees gone or dying,
All homes lost or hiding.
A horizon too broken,
Its old trance diseased, rotten.
I no longer wonder why
my universe is a forest of words and howls.
How can I?
There is no forest anymore,
because Prometheus stumbled here
and I paid the price for it.

© Cat and Moth Writings
All Rights Reserved

4 thoughts on “Poem: “Mayacamas Mountains”

  1. Hi Alyssa, We had three pines off our back deck we called the three amigos before the fire, your picture reminds us of them. The last time we were there we were excited to find one of our oleanders rising out of the ashes, along with many new baby pines. We were thankful to see mother nature begin to heal the scarring. Thank you for sharing your poem 💞


  2. Hey Alyssa… Am planning my next mosaic and one of the motifs I’m considering is the silhouette of a dead tree. I occasionally see some beauty in the devastation up here. It may be difficult to see any beauty in the scarring left on our souls by the fire but with this poem I believe you have shown us some…..

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