Poem: “Leftovers”

For a while now I’ve been thinking of a person who does not deserve my time or energy. I used to know this person years ago. This person has taken up staunch residence in my mind, and I’ve failed to purge this person from my dreams. This person is also a source of negativity and immaturity, both of which I do not need or want in my life. I wrote this poem in an attempt to exorcise this person from my being, and my heart already feels a little lighter.
If there is a person that haunts you, whether or not you know him/her personally, write about that person. Write about your concept of that person. Be blunt. Be hard. Words might be the poison that saves your conscience.

Words of wisdom at my favorite coffee shop in my hometown

tell me this, red-eyed back road bird:
in hollows unbound
was the end of the world foretold
in the braids of her hair?

i want her far from him.
no room, no hearth for her,
no simple equations scrawled
in stale ashes.

but i dwell too much on her
and me, leftovers, rotten.
she’s become my only color,
banned but spreading across

the walls
the kitchen
the flowers
the heart —

tell me this, red-eyed back road bird:
in hollows unbound
if you say the name of your fear
will the echo destroy it?

© Cat and Moth Writings
All Rights Reserved

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