Bing Batta Boom

It’s only taken me 5+ years or so to replace the hectic butterflies in my stomach with mellow moths and start a writing blog. You never know if you don’t try, so I’ve heard.

So hello, and welcome. ようこそ!

I’m diving headfirst into this, so the waters will be choppy for a while as I figure out this blogging thing. (And here I was thinking I’d cut back on screen time. Drat!)

What will I be posting? No idea. Clusters of words that mimic poetry or fiction or non-fiction (as with wildcats, moths also have amazing camouflage). Thoughts written in Japanese because I desperately need the practice. Self-promotion posts for when (not if!) a piece of mine is published.

No one can like or understand everything. I’ve tried, and your brain wants so desperately to keep up, but the heart knows better. Therefore, feedback and criticism is welcomed (don’t hold back, now, that’s fair to no one).

I do hope you enjoy what I write, or at least let the words soak into your pores and become some slight form of essence in you.



© Cat and Moth Writings
All Rights Reserved


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